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Castello di Vicarello

Castello di Vicarello lies in the heart of the Maremma region of Tuscany. An exclusive, privately owned-country estate built in the 12th Century, here, ancient traditions are still practiced, and the authentic Tuscan culture is well-preserved. The medieval castle's, glorious gardens, romantic courtyards and picturesque terraces make Vicarello the number one destination for an unforgettable and truly Tuscan wedding venue.
A private estate consisting of vineyards, olive groves, farm-land, and forest, offers total seclusion and abundant space for a truly magical wedding venue in Tuscany. The property provides endless opportunities to discover unique settings to celebrate, of which each one has its own character and charm.
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1. Name, website
Castello di Vicarello
2. Which is the nearest airport?
Pisa and Florence 1hr 40 minutes
Roma 1hr 50 minutes
3. Which is the nearest big city?
Grosseto 40 minutes driving distance
Siena 50 minutes driving distance
4. Which and how far is the nearest train station?
5. How much does it cost the taxi from the train station?
About 100 Euro
6. When is the high season?
We are pleased to inform you that high season is from May to October
7. What kind of activities you can provide to the clients inside the location?
8. How many rooms are in your location?
7 accommodations in total
9. Do you have the pool?
Yes we have two swimming pool, called Infinity and Olive
10. Do you cooperate with the special catering or you have the restaurant inside the location?
The catering is ourselves made, simplicity, tasty and authentic, everything is made in House, we have two vegetable gardens or fresh products come from our neighbours. We are in the middle of Maremma country side.
11. How much does it cost the wedding menu? Starting from...
195 EURO or 205 EURO including Aperitif
12. Do you have the terrace with the magnificent view for the wedding dinner?
Yes and we also have a panoramic grand field overlooking the land, it depends on the number of Guests, we are flexible and always attentive to details!
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