Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance and luxury
Our team has grown from a large business with experience in managing TISSOT, PACO PABANNE, BOURJOIS brands and arrangements of international events from 10 to 1000 people.

- We value time and know how to save it, accuracy in details, efficiency, high quality
- We love common sense and easygoing communication
- We are good at creating STORIES and EVENTS
The impossible is possible
Having looked up in the dictionary the word POSSIBLE, the translation was there for us - EVENTUALE.
So, on February 6th, 2014 the event company EVENTUALE BY OLGA PROVOTOROVA was registered in Venice.


Intelligence. Nobility. Style. Smart luxury.
Our clients are intelligent millionaires who appreciate the richness of life, understand the true luxury and live in it, as well as open-minded young people who love Italy for its diversity, history, design and creativity, for whom LOVE is not a word, but an action.

According to our statistics there are NO divorces.
We care about quality, not quantity
"ECO" LOGIC. High quality, reasonable comfort and measure of consumption.

We think over "from what", "which way", "what quantity", "how", "the story", "traditions", "originality" the services and products that we offer.
We create projects with recognized artists and modern designers. Individually created works of art remain for life and make a START of a long journey.
Love, family, joy, beauty, traditions, sincerity, purity, awareness, discipline.
We speak with couples in the language of true common values.


The language of education and values is the one.
Olga Provotorova, the owner of the company and project producer, was born in a creative family among honored teachers, doctors, artists, professors, academics and scientists of Russia. Family dinners, summer evenings in their summer house (dacha) with the whole family, visiting the opening days of exhibitions of her relatives in Star City, studying at the university with textbooks of her uncles, attending solo exhibitions of her relatives in the museums around the world, talking with her grandfather, a physicist and designer, about the beautiful, showing respect for his enormous library and a book of poems dedicated to grandmother provide the basis for what we call a nurtured sense of the beautiful and the present.
Olga Provotorova: "Sting, Madonna, Monica Bellucci, Celentano ... Partially, dreams have already come true." I'M BUYING.
International business and fashion publications writing about the company "EVENTUALE BY OLGA PROVOTOROVA":
    Think global, act local
    EVENTUALE BY OLGA PROVOTOROVA is a recognized expert in the international wedding market. We are trusted by professionals and customers, and we do get it right that IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING.
    • The wedding was absolutely great! I am so happy to have worked with you. You are a great team!
    • This event was a very big project and not once we was under pressure. We enjoyed the whole project from the moment we started working with Olga until the moment we left the venue after our wedding.
    • "Thank you very much for such a wonderful wedding day! We couldn't have been more happy. You truly did it justice! You took care of us and made sure that we had everything!
    • You created an absolutely perfect day, a memory that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. The appreciation from all of our guests was fantastic!
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