Anna and Dmitriy
It's been a while since I've been trying to figure this feedback out. I just don't want to write general things like «the best day ever», «professional approach», «high level of service», «individual approach», etc.

For some time, I could not find the right words to thank Olya for the path that we went through together: from a symbolic ceremony for two to a real Catholic wedding in the family circle. Therefore, I decided to tell the story step by step.

My husband and I immediately decided that we would have a wedding for only two of us, that it would be only our day. We wanted to enjoy it, rather to worry about friends and relatives.

Initially, we planned a symbolic ceremony in Prague, as we love that city very much. But then I saw some photos of the city of Alberobello, Italy. These snow-white houses charmed me, and I told my husband that it would be great to see the place live. A little later, when we were on vacation in France, we wandered into a temple. An organ was playing there, and we got so delighted with that music that we decided organ music to be a "must have" at our wedding! Some time later, the Volga Wedding Show was held in our city. We were guests of the event. There we got the contacts of Olga Provotorova, so we contacted her. All in all, since that moment we stopped just dreaming about a perfect wedding. Our wedding preparation actually began.

I didn't even think of organizing everything on my own. I perfectly understood that it was not an easy task: another country, a different mentality, and different language. At first, we contacted Olga for advice just because we were not used to trusting strangers, especially, on such a serious issue. Also, the events had been held for several years in a row by her, so we assumed that people would not cooperate with scammers over and over again. We came to an understanding that it was an influential agency that value their reputation.

I immediately outlined the requirements to Olga: the ceremony should be symbolic, should be held in a church with organ music, my husband should approach me riding a horse and he should take me to the ceremony, in general, it should feel like a fairy tale. All the action should take place in Rome, as we decided to kill two birds with one stone combining our wedding and vacation. Olya specified the budget we were counting on right away, she sent us a checklist and an agreement to preview.

After receiving the estimate pricing, we, obviously, decided to search for some other options as well (better or even cheaper ones). To our surprise, the same day Olga contacted us and said that other event-managing agencies had contacted her with a request to help organize our ceremony. After that, we decided that it was better to trust her and not to interfere in the process! Apparently, that turned out to be the right decision.
While searching for the right place in Rome, it turned out that we couldn't have it all at the same time. So we had to transfer our event to Venice as Olga was based in there and it would be easier for her to help us with the event. However, it the organ could only be installed in an active temple and symbolic ceremonies couldn't be held in active temples, so technically our plan was not quite possible to be realized. Then Olga asked: "Well if this exact vision of the ceremony is so important for you, then why don't you actually get married and have a real church ceremony?". This was a good question. However, I am an Orthodox and my husband is agnostic. How do we marry in a Catholic church then? Nevertheless, we had to decide on something either it was a symbolic wedding and there was no organ music or it would be a real ceremony with organ music.

After several months of thinking it over, we decided to consult a priest in a Catholic parish located in our city. The wonderful priest turned our to be very modern and easy to communicate with. As a result of our conversation, my husband decided to be baptized. It was also finally decided to have a real ceremony. In Catholic Church, a preparation for baptism and marriage is a very long process, accompanied by training, education and so on. Speaking generally, it is a huge story so I am not going to tell it now.

In Venice, not a single temple agreed to marry us, since we were not parishioners. Our hope ruined. But then Olya sent us a video of a temple, which is located on the other side of Italy, in the city of Martina Franca, in the same region of Apulia, near the city of Alberobello (that I told you in the first part)! Isn't it a pure miracle?!

Olya thought through everything to the smallest detail; actually she was literally inspired by those details. She thought through the theme of the wedding, place for shooting, location, dinner, also what beauty salon to choose, we were also supposed to have the gathering of the bride and guests. In general, we didn't have to care about anything, really.

However, the only thing we did care about was the language barrier at the ceremony, as we didn't speak Italian and the priest, who was supposed to marry us off, didn't speak Russian. Nevertheless, he was absolutely wonderful and really sweet. Olya was always there for us and actually helped us during the ceremony by the request of the priest.

It was like a fairy tale: I walked in a white dress with a long veil, my dad led me to the altar to organ music, my husband raised the veil, we exchanged vows, then there were tears of joy and the locals who were present in the temple greeted us and congratulated. It was unforgettable!!!

Then there was dinner. This is a whole new story. We did not have any musicians or hosts. Olya made it up for them all. It was a laid-back evening with family. We asked Olya to order dishes and a cake at her discretion. And that was the right decision as well. The serving of each dish was also accompanied by a story about it. Olya is an amazing and incredibly interesting person. Even our parents, who are not quite used to such events, felt relaxed and enjoyed their time.

Olya, you are a fairy. Thank you for organizing our best day.

As for the organization of the wedding itself – everything was perfect and we enjoyed our day just as we planned.
Yulia and Andrey
We wanted to spend that momentous day together, just the two of us and capture it not only in our memory, but also in photos. When searching for options, we came across Olga and noted that those were her photo shoots of weddings and love stories that were made not only professionally, but also accurately, with all the tenderness and warmth of the moment… Therefore, we contacted her for the organization of our symbolic wedding.

Everything was thought out to the smallest detail. Olga and her team were so open and disposing people that there simply was no chance to be shy or afraid of anything. We believe that to be a clear sign of professionalism.

The photo session itself was organized to the smallest detail too: scenery, light selection, help in revealing one's emotions to the camera (not everyone can pose :)), the ability to see beauty even in the smallest detail, and most importantly, the ability to convey it in the photo.

We had the impression that we had known each other for many years...

As I thought, we were not very lucky with the weather in Venice. However, Olga even managed to change my perception to the situation and prepared everything in a way that we did not even notice bad weather.

The photos were absolutely touching and, in a way, (thanks Olga's talent to think through all the details) very atmospheric.

We are very grateful that day has become unforgettable for us.

Julia and Andrey
Anna and Ilya
Ladies, if you are reading this, most likely you have got two questions: you are not sure if you need a wedding-planner or you don't know exactly whom you need. Having spent 2 years organizing the wedding, and devoting to it 24 hours a day the last 3 months, I can tell you - "Yes, yes, yes, you do need a wedding planner and don't even argue." Especially if you have chosen a site and location that you have never been to before. Even if now it seems to you that you can do everything on your own, it only seems so, believe me! Especially if it is your first wedding. Your brain will gurgle and explode from the need to make a thousand strategic decisions, on which a lot of things can depend. Making those without any experience and without knowing the nuances of a specific location is almost impossible. What if the decision you are making is wrong? Everything will be gone, panic-mode-on, drama-queen-mode is on the way… Then Olga enters the game and wins immediately and unconditionally. Sometimes it seems to me that she knows everything about weddings, about the ones in Italy in particular (her expertise in the services market is just amazing). She is aware of all the nuances: of the Italian mentality, legislative restrictions, a comparative analysis of the sites by the lake Como, personal reviews of a lot of contractors, details of local cuisine, the best practices of the wedding arrangements, in general, nuances that are worth paying attention to with the photographer etc… Olga draws attention to aspects that seem less important than the color scheme, for instance, or the choice of a stylist, but to the key ones, from the logistics and organization points of view. Only the eve before the wedding you begin to realize how timely and precise the asked questions were. The coolest thing begins the eve before the wedding – when Olga appears on the site, you start to feel that now the reins of control can be put in her hands and finally you can relax and start having fun, because while you are thinking whether the photographer has arrived and what to do if it rains, you aren't really enjoying the wedding, rather having a managerial spasm. Then the magic happens, which is not quite visible on the D-day, however, so obvious the days after. Because everything turns out the way you wanted it to be, everything is at its place, all the issues with hotel management are resolved in more positive way than it was expected. However, most importantly, you feel safe and secure from all the unexpected issues that may arise. You finally feel invited to your own wedding and not as organizers. This is a huge difference! You can sigh with relief and be sure that everything is going to be fine, even if it rains. This feeling is worth a lot. Which is more, Olga brings this lightness and a sense of comfort, if it is applicable to say this towards a wedding. Even if you have assembled a "make your own wedding" puzzle on your own, once it's there it turns from a project to a celebration, such a damn charming one, isn't it what we all wish for? It is very convenient and pleasant to work with Olga, as she builds the entire communication in a very intelligent way, comforts you, though, doesn't let you neglect some highly prioritized tasks for later. It was amazing and of a very high quality. Thank you!
We came up with an idea to organize our wedding in Italy quite spontaneously as well as the idea of searching for a wedding planner. We found Olga not through recommendations, not even through feedbacks, but just in the Google searching list. Once we met it was clear that this person knows what she is doing.

I'm not going to list all the details, but what I can mention for sure is that Olga took our wedding cordially. She sincerely cared about all the details, sometimes even more than I did. Fortunately, I did often stick to her suggestions, analyzing what would I do if I were all-alone in a foreign country. Olga truly has any good professional connections, which made it easier for us to find all the photographers/ video makers/ presenters and so on. Olga helped me stay calm during the preparation, which is very important.

We, as well as our guests, remembered very well the welcoming dinner at Maggiore lake (which was her idea), as well as the photo shoot - a D&G-style bridal shower party. Olga had visited all the places in advance, so the bachelorette party turned out to be as planned-very cheerful and nice. We didn't even get tired of sailing to the island that is how cool everything was organized.

Everyone was thrilled! We will remember these days for life! Thank you very much, our dear wedding planner! We couldn't do without you)
I contacted Olga just a couple of months before the wedding. I had no idea about the organization of a wedding, especially, in Italy. I immediately realized that Olga had experience in this field, in general, and also knew and understood the traditions of Italians in different regions. It was very important for us as my husband is an Italian and we wanted to please both sides: the Italian relatives as well as mine. It is so important, especially, for an international wedding.

Almost all the preparatory work was done by Olga - previously we discussed the menu, flowers, design elements, etc.: from glasses, tablecloths, chairs to a DJ, hotel, cars and helping guests with visa invitations. The wedding day I was absolutely calm since I knew that everything was arranged well, including logistics and organization in all. We had a large (130 people) and beautiful wedding. Thanks, Olga! I highly recommend her.
Every girl dreams about a wedding that looks like a fairy tale! The one where she and her beloved are the main characters. I'm going to tell you about our fairy tale. At the time of making our final decision to have the actual wedding, we had already had our engagement and three years of sluggish discussions of the main celebration, so sluggish that the memory of the engagement had almost faded away! Friends and relatives were perplexed, and Roman found it necessary to propose the second time and ask my hand in marriage. It was a powerful incentive and strong statement "we will get married this year!". Look for a wedding planner" sent me to the Internet. I have to mention, that one thing has always been certain for us, it is that we wanted our wedding in Venice. It has always been so natural and obvious that we didn't even consider any other places to register our marriage. So now, just a couple of months before the second proposal, I came across a wedding planner, who is just as much in love with a drowning city as we are! Olga Provotorova. "Exactly who I've been searching for", I thought studying her website and social media page. I added her on Facebook.

Back then, Olga was in Moscow for some business, which made it easier for us to communicate. We spoke for a few minutes, discussed some general things and agreed to get in touch through WhatsApp. That was all. We had one or two telephone calls further and the rest was discussed in texting (24/7). My husband and I did not come across too many disturbing things related to Italian sluggishness, such as inquiries, clarifications, booking, reservations, consideration of discounts and so on. All the complicated paperwork that required knowledge of Italian (Italians don't like English that much) and patience was taken care of by Olga. Once we came up with some idea, we immediately consulted Olga. Once we had some doubt, we did the same. Once we wanted to ask something, we texted her.

We had been in a bond for 4 months! I have to mention that Olga arranged many good deals for us (discount-wise). It was very pleasant as we had some requests that were quite specific, for instance, we all wanted to live in the same hotel. We wanted the hotel to have its own garden, we wanted breakfast to be included and we needed 6 gondolas waiting for us. We wanted our gondola trip itinerary prewritten. We also wanted a room for the florist in the morning and in the evening. We also needed DJ equipment upon DJ's request. We also wanted Russian-speaking stylists for the bridesmaids, and we wanted a yacht to pick us up the second day right from the hotel! And many more…Everything we wanted was arranged and taken care of. All three days Olga was there, we did not see her, but she was there! I can honestly say that we had a perfect, absolutely magical wedding! It was arranged without single lining, just like clockwork. The guests and relatives were so delighted that for a couple of months they were discussing that bright and memorable event! Thanks to Venice for being our live decoration, and many thanks to Olga that our wedding turned out to be a real fairy tale!
Hey-hey! The wedding, rings and omg, is this really happening?!)))

I will begin with the fact that I never wanted to get married). Well, I just didn't see myself a princess in that white dress, like other girls did. Well, life is an interesting and an unpredictable thing, thus it's beautiful. One amazing day I met him. No, this way - I met HIM- and it started spinning around like crazy.

3 years after our acquaintance we kind of thought to ourselves "why aren't we married yet?". So, in 3 months (!!!!!!!!!) we got married in Treviso. If there wasn't the fairy Olga (getting to know her is a fate, because what else can it be) we wouldn't have that amazing, vibrant, beautiful and unique event. As it was sooooo. It was a wonderful feast, not only for us, but also for our parents.

Why Italy

Because it is Italy!)) It's kind-hearted people, who can sincerely rejoice at your happiness, which we met at every step. It's delicious food, absolute harmony of taste and shape, no frills. Here, eating is a big deal, a whole ritual. What we should really learn from Italians is the art of enjoying life, the ability to savor every moment of it ... Yeah, at first this sluggishness after busy Moscow is slightly annoying, but then you get used to it and start to notice so much things all around you!

Why Venice

Because this place is unconditionally the most beautiful for you to celebrate your special day, it's a place with spirit of something ancient, where every step of yours is accompanied with a piece of art. Many people will say "Phew, it's so hot there" and so on...Yes it is hot. The wedding day was +38 degrees Celsius and we were melting like ice creams under the sun, but that couldn't stop us from enjoying the charm of the city. Yes, there were lots of tourists, but they were so sweet and friendly, they waved merrily at us, shouted congratulations, were running around, taking pictures and videos, so if you want to feel like a superstar - come get married in Venice)).

And finally, why Olya Provotorova

Because there is no other way). Because our jigsaw puzzle got assembled and we were a perfect match for each other. Olya is not just a person who does her job, she is the one who is in love with what she is doing. I think that every bride that Olga helped to marry felt her influence. When you most need it she will cheer you up, make you laugh, calm you down, listen to you, give a kick - and all this with a smile and an easy attitude to everything. Even if something goes wrong (which is kind of ok, as at the wedding something will certainly go wrong, since it is impossible to plan everything in advance), she will certainly find the right words. What else can I say? She's just cool! Also, Olga introduced us to a very cool photographer, Anyuta Gazaeva, with whom we worked everything out, and got wonderful photos of our moments of happiness. Olya, thank you for everything that you have done for us, are doing and will still be doing)) Thank you for being with us and for that the impossible is possible with you!

So, here was the story) Thanks everybody for your patience to read this up to the end!)))
I am sure that every couple want their wedding to be the most memorable, touching and luxurious with all the details taken care of. Speaking generally, people want their wedding to be the best of the best. We approached the planning and discussion of our day with all the responsibility and love. Almost a year before our wedding the rings were selected and bought. Several options were thought out for the ceremony itself and the honeymoon. We decided to have a symbolic celebration. As for the place, we chose Treviso, Italy. It's a place near Venice, which is famous for its vineyards. We wanted to live in a villa or in a boutique hotel for at least 3 days. As for the wedding day, 1, May was chosen. Immediately upon our arrival at the hotel, we met Olga Provotorova, who was our wedding planner. Olya immediately hastened to reassure us that because of weather conditions the ceremony had to be relocated to a garden house, though earlier we had planned it in an olive garden next to the hotel. Thanks to Olga's professionalism, we almost never thought about what to do next and how to do it, we were sure that everything was going as it should, which is very important. This confidence allowed us to enjoy your day, love and happiness. Although Olya was calm and cheerful, I understand what kind of work, preparation and endless passion for her work lies behind all this. I would also like to mention our wonderful photographer, Vera Ambroise. Vera's photos allow us to be back to our wedding day and remember it again and again in all its colorfulness. Creating your own fairy tale, your own path, your story is a fascinating and grateful activity. It does not matter what you choose: a seashore, some vineyards or mountains, a meadow or a forest - this day should reflect the energy of your couple. So, when everything is done in a perfect way, it's magic and a big pleasure for many years of your happy family life.
My husband and I have been in love with Italy for a long while now, with its culture, cuisine, art, everything is perfect. Venice - Treviso - Vittorio -Veneto, these places have a completely indescribable atmosphere of all-consuming happiness and love. My husband and I wanted our day to be the most special, with only our close and loved ones, solemn, but at the same time home-like and without any fuss that usually goes along with such events. In general, we wanted it to feel "AHhh! Breathtaking!". But, frankly, I had a little idea of how to harmoniously combine home comfort and solemnity. Now I can declare with my full responsibility: IT'S POSSIBLE! I can't even call it a hotel ... That was a HOME-like place where we were greeted by friendly hosts. We were met as if we were old friends after long time no see. I still remember the smell of that house... Just like in my childhood at my grandmother's, it smelt of freshly boiled tea and baked pastries. The entire surrounding was that exact AHhhh! There was an old chapel near the house, vineyards, the horizon was clearly visible and there was no fuss. I wanted not only to get married there, but also to settle and ask for political asylum))). The wedding day itself was simply fabulous and full of surprises. My sentimental dream of a romantic wedding ceremony in the heart of nature turned out to be a reality))). I can hardly find words that can describe all the beauty and design talent of the organizers. Every little thing in the design of the celebration was simply saturated with love... Imagine a heart shaped ring stand made of moss!!! A wedding dinner in a restaurant in the mountains, which we would never have found, even with maps and navigator!!! This is the best restaurant ever with the most delicious food that we have ever been to... And even a dress with a tight-fitting corset (I covered myself with a shawl and asked my husband to unfasten this lace-up goddamn corset) did not stop me from enjoying everything ... ehmmm ... even eight dishes together with that))). God, save Italy!!!))) Olya, thank you very much for the amazing organization of our wedding!!! Six months have already passed since the wedding day, but we still remember in every detail every day spent in that fabulous corner of Italy.
So, the honeymoon has come to its end, though, the romantic mood and the little fairy tale never leave us! Italy ... Every time now that we pronounce this word, only the warmest, lightest, most beautiful, brightest and 100% unforgettable feelings and emotions fill us up! It was a fairy tale! Everything was as we wanted it to be: beautiful, easy, elegant, graceful and only for us! Olga, thank you very much for your help in organizing the celebration, for your patience, calm and positive attitude as well as the idea with Treviso! A wonderful city that left only warm and tasty memories in our minds! I want to come back! As I am writing this, I am smiling and looking back to every pleasant moment of our journey in Italy! We felt it every second and every minute of our journey into a new life! Keep creating happiness for people from all over the world! Don't you ever stop and take note of the ideas that we discussed. We wish you the best of luck, a lot of inspiration and see you soon!
It's been a while since I've been trying to express these words of my gratitude. It seemed too cool to be true, and if I say it out loud everything will turn out to be a dream. However, for the hundredth time I admire the photos and video of our wedding, even the artichokes from the bouquet are still standing here on the table in confirmation that it was not a dream, not even a fairy tale, but the reality, which is so breathtaking, and makes it even more difficult to find the words to describe the entire depth of our gratitude. Therefore, just THANKS, Olga Provotorova! Thank you for this wonderful story, which began long time ago, even before meeting my husband, during the years of my wedding decoration job. Just during the installation of the arch for the ceremony in the well-known #bridegarden when we were having a conversation on the same professional topic. Back then, a colorful story of weddings in Venice sparked a crazy dream in me, becoming an impulse that I sent as a request to the Universe. And then the stars were aligned and the roads crossed so that after a long time and distance we were standing in the real palace of the 15th century and saying each other the most meaningful words - and we thank you, our fairy godmother. And there is so much to thank you for: the incredible location, the gorgeous team, incredible Venice and helping the real dream come true!!!
Our incredible story!

It seemed that could be nothing more romantic than a proposal on the Eiffel Tower on my birthday.
Ah Paris, Paris, Paris…
I am not asleep, neither are you.

In the last days of the passing summer, enjoying the sunshine in the forest, we were thinking about our wedding. Where? Undoubtedly, the choice turned to the city of love - Venice. There are many agencies organizing weddings in Italy. They offer services, beautifully written texts, photographs and much more. At first glance we thought "why not?". When it comes to your own wedding, you want everything to be perfect. All agencies work with a large number of intermediaries. It is impossible to talk with the wedding coordinator in Venice, according to the agency, we will see him or her only on the wedding day, and the bride's bouquet may be a surprise. Of course, the organization of the official ceremony is very weird. The agencies promised to do the Nulla Osta permission themselves at the consulate, but they didn't ask for any letter of attorney from us, they said that we didn't need to contact the municipality ourselves, etc. I'm afraid that with such wedding planners the official ceremony will never actually happen. We spoke to 5-6 agencies; the stories were very much alike. So, we continued searching for the proper one.

We found some Facebook page full of live photos, ceremony videos, wonderful organization; details were thought out to the smallest, flowers were delicate, airy. Those weddings were in the most beautiful parts of Italy. All sources of information (Instagram, the website, VK) confirmed it to us that YES, those weddings were real! We understood that this was a wedding planner with an elegant sense of taste, who lived in Italy. Olga!!! Olga Provotorova!!! Olga, the fairy!!! The organization of our wedding began a little more than in a month. Everything was done according to the following points: how to get permission from Nulla Osta, what documents are demanded, where the consulate is located, where we need to go after, what time and where we meet and so on. When you are in another country, it is very important to know which authorities you should contact. Everything was so much easier with Olga, I think she, like a guardian angel, gave us the wings.

Then the most exciting day came! Timing! Muah - Dinara Kausova! Decor - Linea Verde, she fulfilled a dream, the most delicate bouquet of the bride! Music - Anna Kazanskaia - filled the day with romance! And of course, video - Victor Vasilev and photo - Katia Romanova: shocking delight, creating an incredible atmosphere, admiration and inspiration!!! Olga, the most organized, responsible creator of our fabulous celebration gathered a wonderful team! Everything was perfectly planned!!! Olga chose the best places for the photo shoot. In the municipality where the ceremony was held, Olga created an atmosphere of magic and comfort, it was very important, because there was so much excitement. She also organized an unforgettable sunset trip to the island of Burano!!! Surprise! Dinner at Aman Vinece. It exceeded all our possible expectations and dreams. For us, the earth, the time, everything stopped - we were alone. The most romantic dinner!!!

It is impossible not to mention our trip the second day. Mountains, autumn forest, golf course - everything was like in a fairy tale!!! Lake La Di Braies. How is this even possible? We were there and it was an amazing beauty! Fascinating views! Guess where we were just within an hour? In Austria! Yes, this was a real adventure! My story began with the words: "Our incredible story." And it really was! We could not even imagine that such an important day for us would be so bright and emotional. We are very glad that you were next to us; you have become part of our story! You granted us with two wonderful days! Thank you for your professionalism! OUR GRATITUDE TO OLGA, THE FAIRY, and the whole team!!!
First, I want to express my enormous gratitude to Olga Provotorova and her team:

MUAH: Oksana Sergienko
PHOTO: Alexandra Kukushkina
VIDEO: Victor Vasiliev
VERSES FOR COUPLES: Tatyana Medvedeva

Thank you for this unforgettable and wonderful day that you created for us. Each of you contributed a piece of magic, and all of you performed a miracle on the most important day for us. Thank you very much for your professionalism. Each of you is a professional with a capital letter. I am so glad that I have entrusted you such an important day in my life; you are all great.

We had a symbolic wedding ceremony for only two of us in Venice. We were staying in the palace of Palazzo Contarini dalla Porta Ferro. This is a chic palace of the 15th century. All the furniture in the palace and some dishes in the room are real antiques, everything is insanely beautiful. There was a large mirror, candlesticks, paintings, carpets, and so on. Moreover, we were allowed to use some antique glasses. The rooms were enormous. One room is as big as our two-room apartment (including living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and toilet). It was very spacious and very chic room. The bathroom and toilet were made of natural stone - marble. The main feature of this palace is the 15th century staircase. I am not 100% sure, but as far as I heard, it is the only staircase made in the 15th century in Venice that has survived up to these days. Even some groups of tourists come to see it along with their excursion route. In fact, if it's possible, I would advise everyone to stay in this very palace for at least one day. Even staying in a five-star hotel cannot be compared to it. Living in the palace, you can literally touch the history and enjoy its finery.

The wedding ceremony was held in palace Palazzo Nani Bernardo. This is a museum-palace and a real countess lives here. She is very friendly and welcoming. She met us with love, warmth and care. The atmosphere was almost as if we were at home: comfortable, cozy and warm. It really touches the soul a lot when a person meeting you for the first time treats you as if you are the closest and dearest relative.

Our romantic dinner was at 5* hotel Venezia - Luna Baglioni. This is a very expensive and chic place. Staying there would cost approximately 3500 €/per night, so the price speaks for itself. The chic rooms in royal style fascinate with their beauty. And what a cuisine! It was my first tasting such dishes. This restaurant is the only one in Venice that has a Michelin star. So, the cuisine here is original and dishes are served in small portions. The serving of the dishes is a real masterpiece. They were very beautiful; it was a pity to eat all that beauty. But in addition to beautiful serving, the food was delicious.

The whole wedding day was like a fairy tale. Everything went even better than I could imagine. For all those minutes of joy and happiness, for all the magic that we plunged into on that important day, I want to express a huge, enormous gratitude to Olga Provotorova and her entire team.
Olga, good afternoon!
We have returned to the harsh reality and perceived once again that Italy is the best place for a wedding))

I want to say the words of gratitude and admiration to you once more. From the very first minutes of the conversation, I realized that you have already got an idea of what our wedding is going to be like! Never, not a moment have I regretted completely and entirely trusting your professionalism and philosophy of true values. A month later I understand how the puzzle was done: you really felt the energy of our couple... I could have said that we had a wedding that we dreamed of, but no ... We had a wedding that WE WOULDN'T HAVE EVEN DARED TO DREAM OF! There was an incredible atmosphere, a professional team, an ideal location, authentic decorations, an interesting touristic route, a gourmet dinner from a chef with two (!) Michelin stars ... The list goes on and on. Everything was beautiful, easy, with no fuss, in the style of a real Italian dolce vita!

Making people happy is your mission! Thank you for becoming a part of our story!

P. S.: God, save Italy and Olga Provotorova!
I want to thank Olga Provorotova once again for organizing a solemn moment of the proposal for our good friends! Olga took up our small order, helped us with everything, organized, and everything went just excellent!

Photographer, Sasha Kukushkina, worked perfectly! She pretended that she was a friend of mine who was there to support a surprise for the future bride))) Olga, you are a true professional of your craft, I want to wish you more creative projects and happy customers! Thanks!
Antonova Svetlana
That rare case when I really want to write a feedback. I am a kind of person who always does things on her own, but when I was trying to organize our wedding in Venice, I quickly realized that I couldn't manage it on my own. First, it wasn't possible because all state agencies in Italy interact only in Italian and, second, because there are many nuances concerning paperwork that simply can never be learned online. In general, realizing that without a person who can help us organize everything we can't do it, I started surfing the Internet in search. I liked Olga's website for its user-friendliness. Having talked to Olga, I realized that she was the person we needed. She is open, friendly, has extensive experience in organizing weddings in Italy and relevant contacts, plus, a lot of friends among Italians.

Olga is very good at sensing the mood in the air, without asking extra questions. Having talked once, there was a feeling that we had known each other for a long time, that's how easy it was for us to communicate. There was this instant feeling that Olga understood perfectly what we needed. It was also very nice that I could always text her and she answered promptly. Before that I had a little experience of dealing with an agency. It took them days to clarify some simple things. The communication process lasted for days, also because of distance. However, with Olga everything went on online, which is extremely important in our hectic life.
I can say that Olga certainly knew so much better than I did what was the best for me. I think, it was so because I couldn't quite merge with that atmosphere living in Moscow. Our wedding was small, however, I can say that Olga thought out everything to the smallest detail: whether and when I needed a taxi, a gondola, musicians, rose petals at the entrance, a bouquet and a boutonniere, and much more, which I myself would never have thought of. Many things had to be decided along the way, because literally the last week we had learned the dance, and we needed to perform it. We challenged Olga with that just a day before the ceremony, and to our surprise she immediately answered in a completely friendly way – "I know where you will dance". It was even more surprising that Olga together with us enjoyed the whole process, though, she was still in charge of everything and did control the entire process. As a result, all the guests were coming to Olga in case of anything. Even several days after the wedding ceremony, Olga was still helping us with taxi orders, excursions and so on. Speaking generally, there was a complete feeling that it was impossible to cope with things independently, Olga readily responded and helped us with anything. I can say that we are very grateful to Olga for all her help in organizing our wedding process and participating in it. Our wedding turned out to be just the way we dreamt, my husband and I had a common idea that day - it would be impossible to wish for more, and in many respects thanks to Olga!!! Also, Venice is certainly beautiful!!!

Alexey and Polina Shevchenko
Shortly before the wedding my husband Alexey and I went to a wedding exhibition where we won the main prize - a wedding in Venice! Was our dream wedding going to be in Venice? We could not believe our happiness!!!
Same day I contacted Olga Provotorova and told her about our prize. 28, March 2018 was chosen as our wedding day.

And then, already being in magnificent Venice everything felt fabulously! On our wedding day the hot sun was shining so we enjoyed shooting in the Palazzo Contarini Porta della Ferro. Makeup artists and photographers were busy with us like bees to create truly gorgeous photos.

In the afternoon we had the wedding ceremony which was held by Olga. We are very grateful to her because she was the one who blessed another happy family that day!

After registering our marriage, we went for a walk in Venice and it was simply unforgettable! She told us about each little street, so, walking along them was several times more interesting!

We took stunning pictures in the main square of Piazza San Marco.

In the evening we went to a local cafe and were drinking some great wine.

In conclusion, I want to say that we don't regret a minute going to Italy, as we really liked everything! Olga is a wonderful wedding planner! We are extremely lucky to get the chance of a lifetime to arrange the wedding of our dream in Venice!!! Thank you very much!!!
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